CD Release Party in Sydney

Thanks to all who came out, danced, and picked up a copy of the new CD. It was a fun and memorable night for us. Looking forward to doing this again in Moncton Friday the 13th of April at the CBMIC Cape Breton Embassy Showcase at the Crown Plaza Ballroom, $10, 9pm-2. Sprag Session plays at 11pm after Jimmy Rankin, and prior to The Tom Fun Orchestra and Slowcoaster. We’ll be in Halifax the following weekend at the Seahorse Tavern April 21.

Review on by Harry Doyle

The first review of the album is in, and it’s a doozy…from an unlikely source! Thanks Harry Doyle at for an awesome, well thought-out review.

Disasterability: a non-expert’s guide to the Sprag Session debut record for the casual punk rock fan.

Colin Grant is no stranger to disasterability as an institution, having met me in a smattering of whiskey fueled encounters and perhaps more relevantly from being in a band with the likes of Dave Mahalik in Tom Fun, for whom a track on this self titled album is named. Colin is the de facto front man and fiddler in Sprag Session, which released their debut yesterday. This is an instrumental record.

We’ve been promoting Sprag Session (formerly Colin Grant Band) on the cblocals events listings for several months now, and while not having heard them live I’ve seen a few acts comprised of various members of the band. This band teeters on the edge of the rock scene but decidedly falls within it. Darcy Campbell kindly provided me with an advance copy of the record for critical review.

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Debut Albums Out. Have a listen. Hope you enjoy!

Hey folks,

Today is our big day. Our new self-titled debut album is now up for sale as a digital download (liner notes included) and physical CDs are available to purchase on our website, You can take a listen to all the tracks, pick the format that works best for you (AAC for iTunes), and away you go!

We’d really love to hear what you think about it too. Post a message on our Facebook page or Twitter and let us know. You can also send us feedback or a review to

We would be remiss if not to mention thanks to engineers Darren van Niekerk and Jamie Foulds (Sonic Temple, Soundpark Studios) for their expertise and enthusiasm for this project. PEIer Josh Adams at Mod Creative is both a great dude and designer, and we look forward to sharing more of his work with you. Corey Katz (photos), Karl Slominsky (cartoons), Margie Beaton (cartoon and EP design), and Mira Howards have contributed so much to making us look (somewhat) good, and for their time, effort, and patience, we are forever grateful. Thanks to the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage for the support given through their Emerging Music Recording program. Our friends and families have also put up with a great deal to help us get this record to you, so they deserve a pile of credit for making this album possible.

Last but not least, our buddy Darcy Campbell at Shot on Site Media has worked tirelessly in a number of roles to make our web presence what it is, film boatloads of live & studio footage, and generally keep ‘er between the ditches. We can’t thank him enough, and we’re looking forward to sharing more of his work with you on our YouTube channel and website.


We hope you enjoy the album, friends; we’re looking forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts, comments, queries, and constructive criticism.

Cheers for now,

Sprag Session

Press – What’s Goin On / online magazine

Below is an article that was featured on

Sprag Session celebrates release of self-titled debut at Flavor 19 in Sydney – Thursday, April 5

When Cape Breton fiddler Colin Grant first got together with Jason Roach (piano), Darren McMullen (mandolin, guitar, banjo, flute), Donnie Calabrese (bass), and Colin “Merlin” Clarke (drums) just over two years ago, it was to record two tunes for an album Grant was working on. Now Sprag Session is set to release their own self-titled debut, available online at, Tuesday, April 3.

Sprag Session carries on in the tradition of innovative Cape Breton groups like Slainte Mhath andBeòlach, driving the laid-back medleys of Cape Breton-style dance music in under-explored directions towards rock, funk, reggae, bluegrass and world music. Going beyond the more traditional setting of fiddle-led tunes with piano and guitar, banjo or mandolin accompaniment, Sprag Session explores new territory in dynamics, unison, and emotion as a five-piece band that pays particular attention to the dancers.

Sprag Session was recorded in early July 2011 at The Sonic Temple Recording Studio in Halifax by Darren van Niekerk (Hey Rosetta!, Great Big Sea), and mixed and mastered by award-winning engineer Jamie Foulds at Soundpark Studios in Sydney.

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You’ve got Sprag Mail

Today we sent out our first mass communication to the world to get this boat officially rocking. If you weren’t so lucky to receive it you can view it online here. Also if you like to receive these periodic updates submit your email below.