Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-15

  • We're right cerebral! "@KatieAliceMurph: Sprag's new album is the perfect soundtrack to my studying…it's the only thing keeping me going!" #
  • Yes "@petermansbridge: The model will now be at the entrance to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic here in Halifax." #
  • Good to have you in NS, friend! @petermansbridge If it gets too sobre up Halifax, come have some tunes n' a square set w/ us in Cape Breton. #
  • Oops…we meant sombre, not sobre/sober. Sombrry about that. #
  • Next week, we'll celebrating the 15yr anniversary of the sinking of the Cape Ann III in Sydney River. @petermansbridge #
  • She was aka "The Westmount Warrior". We'd soon as celebrate the anniversary of her removal too, but we'll all be dead by then. Stick around! #